Goods that are the object of accounting may enter the warehouse in the form of raw materials. In this case, raw materials are used in production processes for semi-finished products or ready dishes. Then the semi-finished products are involved in the further production process, and the resulting finished products are sold. At all of the above stages, goods must be subject to accounting.
To automatically write off the goods that are part of the goods being prepared, it is necessary to generate calculation cards. In the StoreHouse program, this dictionary is called Sets.

Sets are not used for the documents generation. To be able to draw up a sales turnover by the sets ingredients, each set should be linked to the goods item, except for modifiers.

The Calculation tab of the set contains a list of required ingredients and weights of goods before and after processing — cold and hot. The set components can be both goods that are raw materials, and goods linked with other sets, i.e. semi-finished products.
On the Energy value tab, the set calorific value is calculated based on all the set components, including the components of semi-finished products. The weight and calorific value of each component and the entire set in total are displayed here. On this tab, you can also select the set version and the period for which the calorific value is calculated.
The set is specified in the goods card, in the Set line of the Main parameters tab.
A particular kind of sets are sets for modifiers.
Just like the goods dictionary, the set dictionary has a tree structure. The dictionary structure should be designed in such a way that it is easy to find each element of the sets list.
The set tree structure can be partially created based on the tree of goods imported from r_keeper.

In the left part of the sets dictionary window, there is a tree of groups, in the right part — sets included in the selected sets group.
A set or a selected sets group can be moved from one group to another by dragging it in the window displaying the tree structure.
The Ingredients flag indicates the presence of a filled in Calculation card for the set. If at least one ingredient is added to the set, the flag is set automatically.