If StoreHouse works in conjunction with r_keeper, then the menu is imported from r_keeper.
If modifiers are enabled and work in r_keeper, then when importing dictionaries from r_keeper, the Modifiers reference will be imported into the Sets dictionary, in the corresponding branch of the set list.

Do not delete the automatically created Modifiers group and its Deleted subgroup, even if you do not plan to use this functions. The structure is necessary for the consistency of links of references groups for import from r_keeper.

Only those modifiers will be unloaded into StoreHouse, for which the Weight field has a value greater than 0 (zero) in the r_keeper manager station.
If the value in the Weight field is 0, then this modifier will not be imported into StoreHouse.

A modifier is a change to the main dish that the modifier was sold with. For StoreHouse, this is a change in the main set.

Therefore, all modifiers are created in the StoreHouse Sets dictionary.
When importing modifiers, all sets are automatically marked with the Modifier flag on the set card.
Fill in the cards of the created sets for the correct processing of the sales write-off.