This article describes how to launch the system.

  1. On the desktop, find and open the StoreHouse 5 folder. It contains the following elements:

    The application for assigning rights to users, running queries, checking databases and backing up

    The main application for creating and editing dictionaries, work with documents and generating reports

    The application for data import from r_keeper 7 to StoreHouse 5
  2. Choose the required application and start it
  3. Select the user name from the drop-down list and enter the password.
    If the drop-down list is empty, enter the user name using the keyboard. The system will remember it, so you will be able to select it next time

    If your system works with several databases, select the required one in the Server field

  4. If the Windows authetication is chosen, the login window may look as follows:

    The User name and Password fields will be inactive, as the user authentication happened at Windows start
  5. The message about no active license may appear. In this case, you should license the system. Find more details in the Licensing article

    Without a license, it is still possible to work with the StoreHouse database. Only delivery notes activation is blocked.

  6. If you have a time-limited license, the system will show the warning message about its expiration date after logging in.
    You may edit the number of days before the expiration day, when the system should start showing the warning message.
    To do this, open the sh.ini file and edit the following parameter:

    LWD = 5

    Where 5 is the number of days.

    If there is no such section in the file, add it:

    ; in what number of days before the expiration date to start showing the warning
    LWD = 5

    To prolong the license, contact the UCS company.