• Expenditure date/Receipt date — in this type of document, the expenditure date and the receipt date may differ. If more than a day has passed between shipment and receipt of the delivery, you can set different dates. By default, the dates are set to the same. The receipt date cannot be earlier than the expenditure date
  • Insert location — fields are available only in newly created documents. Specify where to insert the document. By default, the document is created last in the list for the specified date. If Rules of delivery note order are created, then the insert location of the delivery note is determined by the zone that includes this type of note in the rules

The insert location is indicated for the expenditure part of the Internal sale. If the expenditure and receipt dates are the same, the documents will be located next to each other in the list of delivery notes. If the dates are different, then the expenditure part will be set according to the selected Insert location rule, and the receipt part will be added last for the date.

  • Supplier — in this field, select the department from which the transferred goods will be written off. The value is selected from the list of departments — the Departments dictionary — of your enterprise
    Supplier's KPP — this field is automatically filled in with the KPP of the department specified in the Supplier field. Can be edited if needed
  • Recipient — in this field, specify the recipient department to which the transferred goods will be credited. The value is selected from the list of departments of your enterprise (the Departments dictionary)
  • Recipient's KPP — this field is automatically filled in with the KPP of the department specified in the Recipient field. Can be edited if needed

    There are no restrictions on the selection of departments for creating an internal sale. You can choose departments of different own legal entities as well as departments of one legal entity.

  • Acct. operation — define the accounting operation for generating delivery note's journal entries

  • Payment due date — specify the due date for the delivery note. When calculating this date, the values specified in the own legal entity properties for the expenditure are used

  • The Other properties section contains user-created fields serving as attributes of the delivery note's title
  • Activate/Activated by supplier/Activated by recipient — the flag is set to assign the active status of the document. Documents with the Inactive status do not participate in the turnover
  • Current document status — this line displays the state of the document at the moment. After setting the Activate flag, you must save the document so that the Inactive status changes to Active
  • If the Supplier and the Recipient are departments of different enterprises, the document activation has two stages:
    1. Upon creation, the document is activated by the Supplier
    2. After receiving the goods, the document is activated by the Recipient.
  • The current status of the document will become active only after the document is activated by both the supplier and the recipient.