This article describes typical issues in the problem-reason-solution way.

Offline License Is Used

When replacing the database, the following license error may appear: Offline license is used

To fix the error, open Sdbman.exe. Go to Maintenance > Execute procedure.

In the window that appears, enter:

Procedure: LimN

and click Execute. After that, the license should work.

Additional License not Found or Violated

When activating delivery notes and other documents, the following error may occur:
Additional license not found or violated. Cannot perform this operation with active delivery note.


An additional license is not activated, or the settings are incorrect.


  1. Run Sh5Licen.exe. The file is located in [StoreHouse folder created during installation] > Sh5Licen
  2. Select the required server and enter authorization data
  3. Check if additional licenses have been created
    If there are no additional licenses, go to Licenses > Additional license... and create the required number of additional licenses. The number is calculated as the total number of enterprises minus one (one enterprise uses the main license)
  4. Retry to activate a document. If the error persists, run Sdbman.exe. The file can be found in [StoreHouse folder created during installation] > Client
  5. Go to the StoreHouse > Licensing objects menu
  6. Ensure that all enterprises involved in your document operation have a license assigned. If necessary, check the boxes next to the required enterprises
  7. Activate a document once again. Activation will complete successfully.