In the delivery note, there are two ways to display the document sum:

  1. In a tabular section
    To display open delivery note sums at the end of the table:
    • Call the context menu from the table header area (column names)
    • Select the Set up tableā€¦ item
    • A window with settings will open
    • Set the Totals by table flag
      The delivery note will display a line with totals for the table.
  2. In a separate window

If the document contains a large list of goods or the amounts are located on different pages of the document, you can view general information on document amounts in a separate window.

For this:

Use the item "Amounts" of the main menu item "Document" or the item of the context menu "Amounts" or click the button on the toolbar.
A window for displaying amounts for the document will open.
The data displayed in the window will depend on the type of invoice. for which the window was called.

Purchase Invoice

Sales Invoice

Collation statement

If you select items in the document ([Ctrl] or [Shift]) before opening the "Document Amounts" window, the "Selected entries" switch will become available.

When the switch is set in the "Selected entries" field, the amounts will be calculated only for the selected lines of goods.

For a collation list, goods must be selected on the "Surplus / Shortage" tab to calculate amounts only for selected records.