The SH5 Web API 2 server or simply the Web API is used to integrate SH5 and other applications. Find more information on the work with API SH5 in the corresponding article.

Web API installation

SH5 Web API II, or simply Web API, can be downloaded from the FTP server at:

Download the archive with the installer and unzip it to the suitable folder.

Run the installer and install the server according to the screenshots below:

  1. Read and accept the terms of the license agreement

2. Select the language and a required action: installing or upgrading the Web API

3. Specify the port Web AP server will run on. Enter the address and port of the running SH5 server

4. Click Install.

The program will be installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\UCS\SH5_WebApi_I\
After installation, a testing utility designed to test the connection between the Web API and SH5 will be opened.

By clicking GET, Info and other buttons, the utility makes a request via the API to SH5 and outputs the result. We recommend trying various requests to make sure that the servers work correctly.
Results of a valid GET response:

If the settings are incorrect or the Web API does not work, you will see the Connection refused message: