This article describes how to set up the weight label printing in the FoodFactory system.

To print weight labels, you will need:

  1. Scales connected to the scale server
  2. FoodFactory configured to print weight labels

Configuring Scale Server

There is a separate server for each type of scales. You can download it from FTP at:

The server can be run as a service or as an application. Standard keys are used:

  • /desktop – to run as an application
  • /install – to install as a service.

Start the selected server. If you do not have a suitable scale at hand, check the Test Mode box (Тестовый режим):

Select the COM port of the connected scales and specify the port on which the server will run.
Click Server start.

Unfortunately, this will not cause any visual changes, but if no error appears, then the server has started.
You can check this with netstat or telnet:

After starting the server, go to the FoodFactory settings by clicking the gear.


Enter the address and port in the settings:

Click on the Сheck connection icon:

If everything is fine – you will see the message Weight-scale server connection successful.

Configuring Label Printing

You do not need to configure the printer for FoodFactory separately, it is enough to install it in the system. However, if the printer is a network printer, in the FF service settings, specify the user who has access to this printer:

Save and restart the service.
Select the printer you need in the FoodFactory settings (see below)

To print weight labels, you need:

  • Specify the units of measurement in the SH5 product card
  • Specify the same unit of measurement in the print settings

Click Save

Add a unit of measurement to the UOM mapping list

Click Save

Go to Label printing and select Weight

Goods sold by weight, for which the labels can be printed, are highlighted in dark gray. Goods for which it is impossible are light gray.

Done! You have configured label printing in the FoodFactory.