This article describes how to install the StoreHouse 5 client separately from the other components. The client can also be installed simultaneously with other components. Find more information in the article on server installation and configuration.

There are two types of client applications:

  • SH5 Client is the main client application.
  • RK7 Import to SH5 Client is a QUSH application for configuring integration with r_keeper 7 and other systems.

The installation of other components is described in a separate article.

Client Installation

The StoreHouse 5 client installation is performed using the installer, as well as the server part.

The distribution kit of the current version of the system can be found on the FTP server at House%205/. Use your Dealer ID for authorization.

Google Chrome browser does not support FTP. So, copy the link and open it using the file explorer or an FTP client


The installer is located in an archive called SH5Setup_version_number. To open the archive, you need the 7-zip archiver. To install the system, unzip the file to the required folder and run the installer.

Select your language and click OK. The installer interface will change to the specified one.

The step-by-step process is presented below:

1. After selecting the language and accepting the license agreement, specify the Store House 5 installation folder

2. Select the required components

3. Enter the address of the QUSH import server

4. Specify the IP address of the server, port number after the letter "a".
Optionally, specify the server name in quotation marks.

5. Check the boxes for the applications that you want to create shortcuts for

6. Check that the settings are correct and click Install.

A folder with shortcuts will appear on the desktop:


The StoreHouse 5 client is ready for use.

Double-click on the SH.exe shortcut.

The authorization window will appear.

Enter username and password to get started.