StoreHouse 5 is a software product for:

  • Storehouse document management
  • Production processes accounting
  • Detailed reports on the goods flow, quantitative and total balances, completed business transactions
  • Monitoring payment transactions and current debts
  • Keeping records on settlements with suppliers and customers.

Cost calculation and write-off of goods are based on the FIFO method — First in, first out. Thus, the assets acquired first will be used up first.

In StoreHouse 5, write-off of goods is performed automatically based on the requests that are created manually or imported from the r_keeper cash station.

It is possible to generate invoices and payment documents based on primary documents.

The user may also generate a log of accounting entries and export data to the 1C accounting program.

StoreHouse 5 uses an API that allows to connect to any software products.

StoreHouse 5 includes the following applications:

  • SH
  • SDBMan
  • QushMan
  • Sh5Licen.

The StoreHouse 5 system can be used by several users simultaneously. In this case, it is possible to specify the required level of access to information for each user.

StoreHouse 5 is designed for storekeepers, cost accountants, technologists and other specialists working at the enterprise.