FoodFactory (abbreviated FF) is an additional module for SH5 that allows you to work with the user interface through a browser.
For FoodFactory to work, you should have installed and running:

The FF module requires licensing. To use it, get a master license in advance on the license server. The license is checked via the Internet, so the FoodFactory server must have internet access.

By default, FoodFactory runs on 2 ports:

  • 7000 — HTTP
  • 7001 — HTTPS

If desired, one of the protocols can be disabled in the settings after installation.

FoodFactory Installation

Download the FoodFactory installer from the FTP server 5/FoodFactory/. Launch it and select the language. Install the program according to the screenshots below:

  1. Read and accept the terms of the license agreement.

Select the language and the desired action: installing a new instance or updating FF.

Specify the installation path and the name of the server instance.

Specify the connection settings for Web API and for SH5: username and password. Specify the local port for accessing FF.
Click Test  to test the connection, then click Next

Click Install

The installation is complete. Click Finish

The connection settings for SH5 and Web API servers will be saved in the appsettings.json file, by default located at C:\Program Files (x86)\UCS\Food Factory\FF\appsettings.json. You can change the settings by editing the file as a text document. The server executable file is called FF_API.exe and it is located in the same folder.

Food Factory is installed as a Windows service. The service is named according to the template: FoodFactory: [instance name]. You can install several FF instances on your computer. The FF instance is the address at which the FoodFactory is opened. The list of instances can be changed in the hosting.json file.


Problem: The FoodFactory service cannot be installed and launched
Solution: Install updates KB2999226 and KB2533623

In Windows 10, there are all the necessary libraries and the installation goes without problems, but in Windows 7/2008, the FoodFactory service is not installed and does not start. For diagnostics, run the FF_API.exe file from the command line, located in the root of the FoodFactory folder. If at FF_API.exe launch, an error connected hostfxr.dll appears, install 2 updates sequentially.

After the restart, FF should work.

Setting Up FoodFactory

Food Factory is available at [ip_server:server port]. By default, this is

The authorization page will open. Enter your Dealer ID and password. You will be redirected to the FF licensing page.

For FoodFactory to work, StoreHouse itself must be licensed

In order to use FF, you must have the r_keeper 7 FoodFactory module license.

To license FF, do the following:

  1. Enter the desired date or click GET (Получить) to select the maximum available date
  2. Click GET A LICENSE (Получить лицензию)
  3. The system will check whether you have a license, and if everything is fine, you will see a message that the License was successfully obtained.

After receiving the license, open FoodFactory at!/login. The authorization window will appear. Enter the username and password of your SH5 server.

For authorization, the user must have the right to do this, explicitly specified in SH5. To add it:

  1. Open Sdbman.exe and go to Users > User list

  2. Open User properties and go to the StoreHouse tab

  3. At the bottom of the window, enable the right Allow data transfer from FoodFactory to StoreHouse

  4. If you want the user to be able to change the SH5 settings via FF, then check the box Allow configuration of FoodFactory settings.
    The user will have access to the settings. There you can change the license settings, printing settings, and others.

The Food Factory is ready to work.

Work in Food Factory

Go to the Food Factory. If the server is installed locally, the FF address will be!/login or http://localhost:7000/#!/login. If the FF is installed on a remote server, use the IP address of this server.
After entering the SH5 login and password, the main FF menu will open. All available operations are located here. To open the settings, click the gear.

In SH5, you can create or change document layouts. The ReportDesigner.exe app is installed together with the program. By default, it is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\UCS\Food Factory\FF\ReportDesigner.exe. Ready-made document layouts are located in a subfolder C:\Program Files (x86)\UCS\Food Factory\FF\Rpt\.