Starting with StoreHouse version 5.109.397, it is possible to control the number of stored backups.

Backups are deleted once a day in accordance with the settings in the registry.

To configure the number of backups to store:

  1. Open Registry Editor on your computer. The left column displays the registry keys, and the right column displays the parameters and their values.
  2. Go to the Sdbserv.2 section. You can also paste the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\UCS\Sdbserv.2 in the address bar.

    Registry settings are created for all servers and are required in the Sdbserv section. 2. You cannot restrict the creation of backups for only one server, but not for another.

  3. Right-click the parameter box and select New > DWORD Value
  4. Create two DWORD parameters: Bkpc and Bkpt
    1. The Bkpc parameter determines the number of files to store. The minimum value is 1, the maximum is 45
    2. The Bkpt parameter determines the time of backups deletion in minutes. The 0 value corresponds to the time 00:00, 1 — to 0:01, 180 — 03:00, and so on
  5. After creating the parameters, right-click on each parameter and select Edit
  6. Select the decimal system and specify the desired parameter values
  7. The setup is complete. The section now contains two parameters with the specified values. In accordance with them, backups will be deleted.
  8. Restart the StoreHouse server to apply the changes.