We have released a new Store House version — 5.118.453. In this version, we focused on updating documents and reports.


  • Delivery notes can now be loaded from XML files.
    In Store House 5, enterprises with separate installed SH databases can now exchange delivery notes. Goods and sets are collated by the name and a predefined attribute.


  • Goods codes and set codes (for modifiers) are now displayed in the bill of sale
  • We have also added the Request Energy Value report. This report is especially useful for enterprises that need to create a menu plan taking the calorie content of dishes into account.

Bug Fixes

  • In the bill of sales, totals by groups are now displayed if the bill contained modifiers
  • We have also eliminated another error in the bill of sales, that occurred when printing in the case of an empty grouping by departments
  • There is now a check for the filled allergens' correctness when saving a goods card.