We have added accounting for additional services provided in the process of procurement and receipt of goods. Now the amount of costs, such as transport costs, can be automatically allocated to the cost of purchased goods.
Accounting entries can also be generated automatically. In all reports, the goods self-cost will include the amount of additional costs.


For more convenient work with job order cost cards and process flowcharts, we have added a group change in the percentage of ingredients processing in the sets and a group replacement of ingredients. At the same time, if the sets were used in documents, then ingredients expenditures will be recalculated automatically in the corresponding documents. These group operations facilitate the work of technologists and cost accountants.


The full path of the set in the group tree is now displayed in the Goods inclusion in sets report. It will facilitate the work of users in large enterprises where the list of recipes is very large.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a scope of bugs, including an error when building the Estimated expenditure report using interchangeable goods.