The article describes the process of initial connection to the r_k StoreHouse 5 system.

System Options

  • Full accounting in a single database for any configuration of your business: from a small restaurant to a complex combination of legal entities, divisions, and departments
  • Ability to set up various accounting units for the same product in documents of different types
  • Automated document flow, from selling finished goods at the cash register to ordering raw materials from a supplier
  • All cooking options in one cost card. Production from raw materials in a factory-kitchen or finishing in a restaurant from semi-finished products — all options are taken into account in one place
  • Automatic goods write-off at the day end in r_keeper
  • Most complete accounting of surpluses and shortages that can be tracked down to the source documents, constant control of variances
  • Process of goods acceptance and transfer from one warehouse to another with a confirmation on the receiving side helps the user to formalize the employees' financial liability
  • Warehouse inventory not only by actual availability of remaining raw products but also by remaining prepared dishes and semi-finished products with cost card synchronizing.

System Requirements

The server part

  • Operating System: only x64 Windows 7 and later
  • Processor: only x64 1 GHz and later
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • HDD: 2 GB

The client part

  • Operating System: x86/x64, Windows XP SP3 and later
  • Processor: x86/x64 1 GHz and later
  • RAM: 512 MB for x86 or 1 GB for x64
  • HDD: 100 MB

Beginning of work

  1. Install StoreHouse 5 server
  2. Install StoreHouse 5 client
  3. Select, get and activate the license for the desired product version
  4. Configure connection with r_keeper 7 if necessary
  5. StoreHouse 5 is ready for work. 

Optionally, you can configure additional modules:

  • Web API 2, required for integration with FoodFactory and some other systems. No license is required
  • FoodFactory, which allows working with StoreHouse 5 through a browser. Requires a license.

New Versions

Find information on new versions of Store House 5 and other modules in the news section of the space main page.

System Composition

The schematic diagram of the connection of SH5 applications and utilities is below.

Server applications:

  • SdbSrv64.exe is the main server application that manages the database and serves client applications
  • Sdba64.exe monitors the server service status
  • Sh5Licen.exe manages SH5 licenses

Server utilities:

  • Shdbinst.exe is the database configurator. Works through the command prompt

Client applications:

  • Sh.exe is the main client application: works with system references, documents, and reports
  • QushSvc.exe is for data import from r_keeper 7
  • QushMan.exe sets up data import from r_keeper 7
  • Sdbman.exe is the server configuration manager, can be used for work with the database

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